Birth Doula Training FAQ

How do I register?Counter Pressure for Doulas

Here is the registration information.

Is there a reading list?

There is an official DONA Reading list.

Do I have to be a nurse? A mother?

There are no rules about your professional or personal background. All are welcome! Doulas come from a wide variety of backgrounds. Some of the participants will be mothers, some will not be mothers. You may have a nurse in your group, but this training is not the same training that a nurse has had in her training. You may also find physical therapists, childbirth educators, massage therapists, yoga instructors, and people who have absolutely nothing that you would think would prepare you for this type of workshop.

Do I need any experience to participate in the workshop?

No previous experience needed. This is considered a basic training. Though some participants do have the experience, none is assumed.

Where can a doula work?

Most doulas work for themselves and attend births in hospitals, birth centers, and homes. So this will depend on where you want to work. Occasionally, some places have doula groups that work only at a specific location or with a certain group of practitioners.

How much do doulas make?

The average for a doula with less experience is about $600-800 per birth in the midwest area, but again, you set the price. Some doulas charge less and some way more. Ask regionally, what doulas make where you live.

How often do doulas typically work?

1-4 births a month is the average in this area, with some doulas doing more and others doing less. This really depends on your life and family as to what you’d like to do and how much you solicit clients.

How long does it normally take to start working as a doula after the workshop?

You don’t need the workshop to be a doula, but it’s the major step towards certification, which opens up the possibility of insurance reimbursement, etc. Some doulas come to the workshop having done a few births, some with no births in sight. There are always one or two with babies pending at the workshop, a very nice mix. That said, this is a basic workshop, teaching the beginnings of what you need to know, including business aspects.

Where can I learn more about DONA Certification as a birth doula?

The DONA International website has a page on Birth Doula Certification. This will provide you with a lot of information on the process of certification.

Are there scholarships available?

There are a very limited number of partial scholarships available for the birth doula trainings throughout the year. However, individual payment plans and selected bartering arrangements can be made.