Social Media Consultation


With a down-to-earth approach, Robin will help personally guide you in your own social media needs, whether that be to grow your following, bring new customers in your doors, or simply converse with other birth professionals, Robin will help you figure out what to do to meet your needs.

Are you looking to talk to an expert in both social media and a birth based business? Robin has been an influential figure on various social media channels for more than two decades. Her ability to quickly and adeptly learn and grow various platforms has given her a unique standing to help others.


If you’re just getting started or you’re not quite sure what you’re doing yet, a social media consultation will help you find practical and easy-to-implement solutions to get what you want from your social media efforts rather than simply spinning your wheels.

  • Social media goal setting
  • Set-up or audit social media accounts
  • Guided tours of appropriate tools
  • Three hours of instruction plus hands-on skills
  • Skype, Google Hangout, or phone
  • Flexible scheduling