Thinking About Becoming a Doula?

So, you’re tossing around the idea of becoming a birth doula. It sounds like a pretty glamorous job, doesn’t it? Dashing around to births and being present when tiny, squishy human beings emerge to greet their families! Those are certainly really great benefits to being a doula. It’s a big commitment and an amazing job.

There is something stopping you, though. You are not quite sure you can cut it. Is there a certain something holding you back? Can you put words to the feeling? Or is it just a little niggling that you can’t quite put your finger on?

You are wise if you are hesitating. I love being a doula. I’ve been a doula for more than 25 years and it can be really rewarding, but it is also really hard work. Sometimes you have to stay up all night. Sometimes it’s multiple nights in a row. Sometimes labor doesn’t go as your client had hoped and you have to hold her hand and wipe away her tears, knowing that there isn’t anything you can do about it but be there for them.

There is life on call to consider. My friends and family know that if they ask me to do something, my answer will also end with “…but I’m on call, so I might miss it for a birth.” Sometimes the call to join a family in labor comes right in the middle of your own child’s birthday party, or you get a “Come now!” call when you’re in the grocery store. It’s unpredictable at best.

I do not make these points to stress you out, or really even to deter you from becoming a doula. What I do want you to do is to truly think about what it takes to be a doula, and to ask yourself if you are ready to make that commitment. Is your family?

Before you plunk down hundreds of dollars to become trained, wouldn’t it be great if you could know if the doula profession was a good fit? The problem is, so many people get swept up by the fun parts of being a doula and jump into the training with their eyes shut and their hearts open. A better way would be to jump in with your eyes and heart open to the possibilities of this amazing career path.

I would like to invite you to a webinar, free for a limited time, designed to help you answer the question:

Do I really want to be a doula?

In this webinar, you’ll get to hear first hand some of the great experiences of being a doula, and a realistic look at what life as a doula looks like for so many people who choose this path. You will hear the five questions that you need to answer before you can fully commit to the birth doula training and certification process. Then, I will take your questions and help you find answers so that you can know you’re on the right path, even if that path does not lead to becoming a doula. (And as a bonus, I’ll share some alternatives to the profession. Paths which don’t include being a practicing birth doula, but still have many of the benefits!)

Are you in? This free webinar is a limited time offering to help ensure that the people who are in doula training, are the right people.

Join us by clicking here to sign up for the free webinar!

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