Building Your Birth Business

Your birth or doula business is important to you. Whether you’re just getting started, you’re looking for some inspiration, or you’ve been around for a very long time – we all need to freshen our skills and look at things a different way. The problem is that with being on call, it can be difficult to take the time to get away to some of the trainings that happen around the world. By the time you’ve secured the time off call, gotten a backup, and paid for the training and travel, you’ve spent a ton of money and time. That’s where online training can come in handy.

In-person trainings are great, and in fact, necessary, for some parts of this work, but there are also some topics that lend themselves well to an online, self-paced design. Here is a collection of trainings that meet that mark!

Master the Doula Interview

This course is filled with practical tips and techniques that will help you learn how to have successful client interviews. The course covers ways to streamline your interview process, choose the ideal location for your interview and structure your interview time to ensure that you present your best self.

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Confidently Setting Your Doula Fee

Setting your doula rate can be a challenging task for both new and experienced doulas alike. You are worried that you won’t charge enough to make a living, but don’t want to overcharge and price yourself out of a job.

This course will walk you through this task and provide you with a structure and process for setting a fee that meets your own personal business goals.

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Confidently Set Your Doula Fee

Master the Doula Prenatal

Be ready for your next doula prenatal through the clear guidance of this course. Each module of the Master the Doula Prenatal course will walk doulas through the process of the birth doula prenatal meeting. Discover everything from the structure of the meetings to specific questions to ask your clients.

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100% Doula Business Foundation Course

100% Doula Business Foundation Course is your guide to success in your doula work. You have the passion and the skills to be a great doula. This program shows you how to become a great doula business owner and provides amazing support along the way.

The 100% Doula Business Foundation Course is a unique training program designed for doulas that want to follow a proven business model and are ready for growth in their business. You will have a variety of modules to walk through at your own pace, complete with a workbook to help you record and act on your ideas as you make goals and plans for your business. So whether you’re looking for more clients,  trying to consider other offerings, or just aren’t sure where to go – this course has something for you. Approved for 4 DONA International CEUs.

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100% Doula Membership

Are you dedicated to the doula profession? The 100% Doula membership is for doulas who are committed to working as a doula. With monthly content directed towards your both your business skills and marketing, you’ll have two monthly videos, a handy worksheet, as well as a community of doulas to help you figure out where you’re going.

Does this mean that our doula members are ONLY doulas? NO, WAY! We know that most doulas wear a variety of hats. But, if you have within you the deep desire to BE a successful doula then you will want to be a member of this program.

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Birth Business Tips

If you are interested in business tips to help grow your birth business, you might enjoy some of these articles. They are designed for birth doulas, postpartum doulas, childbirth educators, lactation consultants, and many others working with birthing and new families.