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Everything Mother’s First Year

You’re thrilled to be a new mom, but do you know what to expect when you bring your baby home? The Everything® Mother’s First Year Book is the invaluable resource you need to prepare for this life-changing event. From when to go on maternity leave and how to choose a pediatrician to when–or if–to go back to work (and how to survive without sleep), this all-in-one guide helps you step into your role as mom as seamlessly as possible. Includes advice on:

  • Getting through those first frantic days (and nights)
  • Caring for baby and family as a whole, at the same time
  • Dealing with mood swings and depression
  • Returning to work outside the home
  • Finding quality daycare and a babysitter
  • Recovering your sense of self

Packed with real-time tips and expert counsel, The Everything® Mother’s First Year Book is your key to maneuvering the first twelve months of motherhood with ease!